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One day trip: The land of Peter Klepca

The trip begins with a visit to Kostelskega the castle and the legend of it, the path leads under Kolpa valley, where we see Mirtoviški stream - a natural attraction, Kovacs Gorse - 120 years old, we visit the Church of St.. Egidija from the year 1651.

One day trip: pond-farming, and Kočevska Osilniška path

The trip starts in Ribnica, where our guide welcomes you to the license. Ribnica In looking at the castle, and an exhibition the fight against the Witch.
Proceed with a visit to pottery ( practical demonstrations of manufacturing pottery )
Path continues after the former closed area Gotenice and Kočevska river, where we see the Krokar forest.

Forest Krokar

Forest Krokar the Kingdom of beech. However, the ecosystem is constantly changing balancing between soil, climate, and countless other living organisms - from the microscopic to the bears and trees, which are certainly the most important part of primeval forest, frame, and the thickest skin of life in the forest. Forest Krokar is about 74.49 hectares big. Every 10 years, all the diameters of trees thicker than more 10 cm.

The church of Sts. Egidija and farm Knavs

In Osilnica valley there's about seven churches remaining from the ancient times, each has some unique characteristic. The oldest church, not the only one in the valley, but also on the St.. Egidij in ribjeku Kočevje, the Church of St.. Egidija in ribjeku.
Outside of the church is richly decorated with welded corners, painted windows, dedication crosses and frescoes residues. Fully preserved late Renaissance architecture is enriched with an extremely high-quality early baroque equipment. The main altar is a group of golden altars. Among the ranks of both the side aisle, which is dedicated to St. Barbara (left) and sv. Anthony (right).  From the mid-17th For centuries the wooden coffered ceiling in the church board. Preserved and restored as well as painted the altar at slavoločni wall.

View lasts about 45 minutes.

Smitheries Gorse in Mirtovičih

Former Smitheries in Mirtovičih was rebuilt and now has the only museum in the valley. The rich visual and material furnished.

View lasting about 30 min.

After the visits, we have lunch in the restaurant Kovač.


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