Adrenaline Park: Peter Klepec

It consists of:

  • a tower that you climb on using special steel stairs
  • high ropes course hexagon
  • climbing wall
  • absailing wall
  • Flying Peter-zip wire)
  • all aboard platform
  • giant swing XL
  • training ground for various team building and entertainment programs

What is an Adrenaline Park?

The adrenaline park is a polygon consisting of tall wooden elements – pillars, on which it is possible to do various exercises that can be overcome individually or in groups. It is a series of controlled individual or group challenges that can be used for recreational, study, development or therapeutic purposes.

Who can try adrenaline programs?

Anyone who measures at least 150 cm in height and is psychophysically healthy. The programs at the adrenaline center are aimed at individuals, various clubs, groups, schools and anyone who wants to experience new adventures and adrenaline.

Why the Adrenaline Center?

Potential effects of the adrenaline center:

  • Allows the participant to experience a sense of accomplishment and special experiences
  • develop leadership skills and leadership potential
  • increases team spirit and motivation
  • develops trust and support within the group
  • increases the participant’s self-confidence
  • create fun, laughter and joy
  • Improves ability to solve problems, make decisions and make important decisions
  • develops and increases endurance and physical fitness
  • it opens up new horizons of world and world views

What equipment and knowledge is required?

The equipment you need for the Adrenaline Center is available at the Sports Center.

Mandatory equipment consists of:

  • climbing belt,
  • safety helmet,
  • and special equipment for self-guarding.

The equipment is a-tested according to EU norms and is made of high quality materials.

Your personal equipment is:

  • comfortable clothing (tracksuit, pants and casual footwear)

Questions and Answers

How is security taken care of?

Safety is provided by professionally licensed instructors.

When is the park operational?

The park is open from 10.00 in the morning to 18.00 in the evening

Programs starting time:

  • from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm
  • for larger groups by appointment

How many people must be registered for adrenaline programs?

The minimum number of people to visit the park is 6, and if you are less likely to join another group by prior arrangement.


  • all in one place (sports, food, drink, overnights)
  • competitive price – 20.30% cheaper than others
  • friendly and sympathetic instructors and other staff
  • tidy surroundings (the center also includes toilets, showers, toilet, dressing rooms ..)
  • beautiful nature with clear river Kolpa and Čabranka and extensive forests
  • newly built facilities and state-of-the-art equipment
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