Bio Herbal Sauna – Ribiška

In this sauna we use exclusively herbs located in our valleys. In a way, the herbs are “cooked” in the evaporation pot, from which essential oils evaporate, and give the sauna a different feel.

Of course, the essential oils in the mixture with water can also be poured onto the heated stones of the sauna sauna, thus achieving a similar effect with the essential oils as with the evaporation pot.

The temperature and humidity regime is milder than in a classic Finnish sauna. The correct implementation of the herbal sauna also emphasizes the systematic ventilation of the sauna, which is connected with the sauna control itself, which ensures optimal well-being in the sauna itself. In particular, the main purpose of the herbal sauna is to relax or further stimulate the airways with the help of essential oils, which will be relaxed and calmed by the temperature, humidity and individual odors of the essential oils. Thus, after the sauna, we will feel a completely different feeling of full and calm breathing.

  • Herbal sauna temperature: 45 – 65 ° C
  • Moisture in the herbal sauna: 50 – 70%
  • Recommended sauna time: up to 15 min
  • (recommended sauna time depends on each individual and their wellbeing in the sauna)

Sauna – Finland Style

In our (Finnish) sauna you will relax and sweat well, boosting your immune system and body resistance.
The Finnish sauna oven heats the stones, which are poured with liquid (water to which essential oils can be added), thus releasing a hot wave of steam. The hot steam that envelops us is a great way to cleanse and rejuvenate our body and mind. In the Finnish sauna, we sweat a lot, stimulating blood circulation and strengthening the blood vessels. In addition, sweat metabolism and excretion are accelerated. However, during colds, the Finnish sauna reduces the chance of infection, as it activates the body’s defense systems.
Regular visits to the sauna with higher temperatures (above 85 ° C) and proper subsequent cooling allow the body to change its average temperature in about five weeks by 0.5 ° C downwards. Which means that this lowering of the body temperature makes it easier to tolerate colder as well as warmer temperature periods.

  • Finnish sauna temperature: 80 – 100 ° C
  • Humidity in Finnish sauna: 3 – 10%
  • Recommended sauna time: up to 15 min (recommended sauna time depends on each individual and their wellbeing in the sauna)

Infrared sauna

The infrared (IR) cabin has recently become a widespread and desirable form of sauna. Most of all, it has become popular for its ease of use, convenience and efficiency. It is also important to emphasize that this type of sauna is also suitable for people who, for whatever health reasons, cannot access saunas with higher temperatures or humidity.

A lower temperature of 40 to 60C is significantly safer for people with cardiovascular problems, for children and the elderly. The humidity in the infrared cabin is up to 50%. Infrared radiation is a type of energy that heats directly (without heating the air in between) in a process called conversion. Man perceives infrared light as heat. There are several types of infrared IR light: IR – A shortwave radiation operating in the range 780 to 1400nm, IR – B mediumwave radiation in the range 1400 to 3000nm and IR – C longwave radiation operating in the range above 3000nm.

The IR – A spectrum, which penetrates 40 times deeper into the skin than IR – C radiation, is of particular importance to us in IR saunas. From the above, measurements show that IR – A light can penetrate up to 4 mm deep into our skin and thus not cause harmful effects to our body. Such action of IR light leads to enhanced action of the upper layers of the skin and accelerates blood flow. This achieves the so-called Jogging Effect as the body begins to heat from the inside out.

Infrared baths come with different types of radiation, ranging from classic ceramic and magnesium rod heaters to IR light fixtures and plate IR heaters, which can also be fitted to the sauna wall. The operation or spectrum of IR light varies with the various types of IR heaters in some areas of operation, but when properly installed, all types achieve their purpose or function. When installing heaters, it is definitely crucial where the heaters are installed, since they have to cover as much of the body surface as possible. As a result, the IR booths are generally smaller and designed to accommodate fewer visitors. Only one bench height is installed in the cabin and, as a rule, it sits on them, which is how we use or best “lighten” our body with IR rays.

  • IR cabin temperature: 45 – 60 ° C
  • Humidity in the IR cabin: 30 – 50%
  • Recommended sauna time: up to 45 minutes (recommended sauna time depends on each individual and their wellbeing in the cabin)

Steam bath – Turkish sauna

A steam bath is especially recommended for cleansing the skin and has an effect on muscle relaxation. Very high humidity and temperature have a beneficial effect on the airways, similar to inhaling. The heat accelerates the circulation in the body and helps to release tension in the muscles. With the help of steam, the pores on the skin are opened. This helps to cleanse the skin naturally.
The visit usually takes about 10 or 20 minutes. After the visit, we shower with lukewarm water.

  • temperature 50ºC – 55ºC
  • relative humidity: 90-100%
  • material: ceramic or stone

Sauna Rules

  • skip lunch or dinner before entering the sauna, so that your bloodstream will not be additionally burdened with the digestive process,
  • Be sure to shower before entering the sauna. The skin is degreased and the pores are prepared for perspiration. The effect of the latter is greatest if you also wipe your body.
  • The first sauna should be short, such as ten minutes in the middle step. Then take a minute or two of rest to cool down, shower and then rest, which should last twice as long as the sauna.
  • The second sauna can be two minutes longer than the first one. After twelve minutes, rest to cool off, shower and another longer rest, again lasting twice as long as a sauna.
  • The third sauna is even longer and can take fifteen minutes. This is followed by a minute or two of rest for cooling, showering and resting twice as long as the sauna.
  • Saunaing should make you feel better, so listen to your own body and follow the inner feeling in it. Adjust the length of heating and cooling to your own liking.
  • the repetition of hot and cold baths is not limited, but it is advisable to stay in the cold water pool only for a few moments as sudden and rapid body cooling is not welcome for your body
  • If you have health concerns about saunaing, consult a doctor before going to the sauna,
  • we can sit or lie down in the sauna during the sauna. Before leaving the sauna, we sit up straight to restore normal pressure and avoid dizziness.
  • we go in completely naked, without clothes and covers. We always sit or lie down on a towel with your whole body on. We do not use towels in the steam sauna.
  • There are no strict sauna rules, but there are tips on how to make the most of your cell’s health and vitality.

Did you know?

  • that we enter the sauna quickly, sit in a vacant place and not talk out loud. We look out for others, close and open the door quickly to prevent cold air from entering the sauna.
  • to leave the sauna to the masters. Watering the stones does not raise the temperature but the relative humidity, thereby changing the meaning of the Finnish sauna.
  • that the highest temperature in the sauna is the higher podium and the lowest in the lower one, and that we can move from one to the other, depending on our well-being. The temperature rises from 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit per podium.
  • that cooling down after the body warms up in the sauna and the heart rate speeds up is a necessary part of the sauna, but before jumping into a cold bath or ice refreshing in the shower, it is advisable to get up for a minute or two and inhale a few times. to allow the effects of cold refreshment, which causes contraction of the enlarged peripheral vasculature and an extreme sense of comfort.
  • that dizziness occurs due to the sudden adaptation of the body to temperature changes. It usually occurs in people with low blood pressure. However, people with high blood pressure are advised to keep their body cool for a longer time and less contrast before showering and to avoid the cold water pool.
  • to lose a lot of fluid in the sauna by sweating, by drinking soft drinks. They should be drank during cooling as they help cool the body.
  • it is advisable to remove make-up and jewelry from the skin before visiting the sauna, and to pamper the skin with a moist emulsion, bath milk or nourishing creams after the sauna.
  • that you can also enjoy a massage during the sauna. The appointment will be provided by the sauna master, and you just enjoy it.
  • that a visit to the solarium is recommended after the sauna is completed.
  • that after the sauna is completed you should really cool off well, and afford a longer rest.
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