We can organize an ensemble, a photographer and a cameraman. The special arrangement of the restaurant of your choice is arranged with the decorators.

  • “odojek” 16.50 eur / kg (price includes baking, service, side dishes, home-made bread)
  • lamb 18,50 eur / kg (price includes baking, service, side dishes, homemade bread)
  • fish plates for 2-3 persons (grilled sea bass, trout fillet, grilled squid, squid grill, crabs, chopsticks, shrimps, chard with potatoes) 25,00 EUR / plate

Fruit: fruit plates with a variety of fresh fruits (strawberries, pineapples, melons, grapes, apples, bananas, kiwi) 1,50 eur / piece

You can see the full menu here!

We offer open wines for weddings:

  • Chardonnay, dry 11.7% alk, Dobrovo Brda cellar 5.50 eur / lit
  • Sauvignon semi-dry GOK Ljutomersko Ormoške gorice 5,50 eur / lit
  • Cviček 9.5% alk., Martinčič 5.50 eur / lit
  • Cabernet savignon 12,3% alk, cellar Dobrovo Brda 5,50 eur / lit
  • Metliška Črnina, 12,3% alk, Kostelec Anton 5,50 eur / lit

Refining your wine: 1.90 eur / liter (includes wine refilling, storage and streaming, service)

Booking method: 20% advance payment is required upon booking
Discounts for children: 5 to 12 years 30%
Space: We have 120 seats in the restaurant, 50 seats on the terrace and dance floor

Guest accommodation: hotel: overnight with buffet breakfast 25,00 eur / person, annex 20,00 eur / person, without breakfast 15,00 eur / person

The newlyweds stay for free! Take it as our wedding gift!

For any additional information please call: 041 652 048 Simon

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