The beginnings of our family branch date back to the 18th century. The first Kovač we know of was Janez Kovač in 1790. The house was said to be on a stream or on streams (a stream ran nearby).

At first, it was an intermediate stop for the Furmanes – these were farmers who transported timber, hay, stones or anything to distant places – usually to the Croatian river, as well as to other Croatian places. They stopped at this establishment, ate something warm, fed their horses, and continued on. Many of them also slept in our stable.

Janez had a son named Blaž, who was married to Helena. Blaž renovated the house in the year of 1892 – this year is still on the portal of the house today, as this is the year he started catering – as well as for transient guests, and he also arranged the first rooms. He was a true landlord, and he had two sons and one daughter: Jurij, Blaž and Mici.

Jurij Kovac was the successor, but sadly he fell on the front in Galicia. Jurij had three sons: Anton, Stanko and Vlad, and Jurij’s brother Blaž took good care of them. Blaž was a gendarme on the mountain, and upon his arrival in Osilnica he took over the inn and later became mayor of Osilnica.

Blaž passed on the inn to the eldest son of Jurij: Anton. Anton was a real caterer at heart, as he was the first in Slovenia to top soda. One of those CO2 bottles blew up during a filling one day, and that killed him on the spot. Anton was married to Micika. They had two sons: Anton, Janez and daughter Vazma. After Anton’s death, Micika continued to run the inn. She was an extremely smart and enterprising woman. She raised three young children herself, running a tavern, a liquor store, and selling beer for the entire mountain region.

In 1972, the eldest son Anton continued the family business. In addition to the inn, he added lodging to the annexe, and expanded its catering offer.

The turning point was in the year of 2002, when we demolished an old building / inn and built a family hotel built in the ethno style of Peter Klepec.

Since 2003 Simon Kovac has been managing the hotel and the company.

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