Sports on the Kolpa River


At the appointed time, we will gather at the Kovač Sports Center in Osilnica. The guides will distribute the necessary equipment, which is: neoprene suit, slippers, life jacket, helmet, anorak. With organized transportation, we will drive to the entry point and listen to the guide’s instructions. An unforgettable excursion begins, lasting about 3 hours, depending on the water level of the river.


If you have been rafting before and want something more, the canoe outsider is right for you. At the Kovač Sports Center, you get all the equipment you need, head to the start, listen to the guide who explains the rowing technique and teaches you the potential dangers. This is followed by an approximately 3 hour adventure through the canyon of the river Kolpa.


For the braver, for all those who want to experience real contact with water, we recommend kayaking. Since this is a more demanding ride, the instructor will explain the rowing techniques on calm water, shows you what to do in the event of a turnaround, how to stop in the counter flow, etc. This is followed by an exciting descent that takes about 3 hours (10 km). Recommended months for kayaking are June, July and August.

You can choose from:

Track 1

Osilnica-Rački creek
(difficulty level 1-3 +, at higher water levels it is the best raft on the Kolpa, suitable for ages 14 and up, duration approx. 3 hours, length approx. 14 km. Recommended in the months of March, April, May, October, November)

Track 2

Bosljiva Loka – Kuželj
(Difficulty level 1-3, suitable for ages 14 and up; recommended in June, July, September, approx. 3 hours, approx. 10 km in length)

Track 3

(Difficulty level 1-2, suitable for ages 5 and up, recommended in the months of July, August, September, duration approx. 4 hours, length approx. 10 km)

What do I need for rafting?

The mandatory equipment that you get in our sports center is: neoprene suit, slippers, life jacket, helmet, anorak. In the summer months, however, a helmet, life jacket and slippers are sufficient.

What should I bring with me?

In addition to the above equipment you need to bring: swimwear, towel (you can take a shower in the raft in our sports center), an additional T-shirt, slippers (preferably old) in the summer as well as sunglasses and cream for sunbathing.

When do I have to come to the sports center?

  • 1st start is at 10.00 – you must be with us by 9.30
  • 2nd start is at 2:30 pm at 2:30 pm – you must be with us by 2:00 pm
  • For groups by appointment

Is rafting dangerous?

Rafting on the Kolpa River is not dangerous. Suitable for all age groups. At higher water levels, we select a section of the river that is appropriate to the age and ability of the group. In addition, there is a raft guide in each boat that has completed a raft guide course and a license.

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